Everyone knows what ice cream is! It is one of the most traditional, hot and warm weather treats that will help you counteract the heat. It is a dessert made out of sugar, cream, milk and other flavorings mixed together and finally preserve them in a medium that is cold enough to freeze them.

According to the history of ice cream, it was believed to have become popular in the United States after the wives of presidents served it in the White House. As time goes by, things changed and so is the trend of ice cream. Ice cream has come a long way of changes since hundreds of years. Rolled Ice cream has entered the realm of ice creams to bring about a revolution in taste and the style of ice cream. This is an ice cream originated in Thailand, an Asian country.

Thai Rolled Ice cream is one good example to cite. It is made on an extremely cold grill. It is often called “Thai stir-fried ice cream because it appears like, it is formed on a hot grill in the same way people cook meat and vegetables. The chef pours a cup of flavored milk-based liquid on the extremely cold grill, which acts as the coolant and waits until it freezes. As the base freezes the chef manipulates it using a broad flat flexible blade, to mold it into rolls. The process of making the ice cream only takes about two minutes, and at the same time, it is delicious and fun to eat ice cream. Moreover, it sells for just seven dollars, for all the efforts and a generous serving.

Rolled Ice cream has now become prevalent in the United States and many parts of the world. Sweet Charlie’s, is a store in Philadelphia that sells ice cream. Customers often wait in line for hours to order their Rolled Ice cream.

Sweet Charlie’s was established in 2015. They combine the art of making Thai inspired rolls with the modern American way of presenting it to the world to create a whole new experience for all ages. The company is committed to making happiness. Its mission is simple; they want everyone to try their ice cream; it does not aim only at serving ice creams, but also to create a revolution.
Try Rolled ice cream to give your taste buds a whole new experience!