It’s summer and it is hot. The easiest thing for any of us ink-stained food monkeys to do in such a situation is to throw together yet another list of the “Best Wooder Ice In BlahBlahBlah.”

But come on. You wanna know how to find the best water ice wherever you are in Philly? Do this. Figure out where you are. Are you in Fishtown? In Center City? In South Philly? Okay, now turn around in a full circle. Did you see a place thats serves water ice? Boom. Best in your area. If you didn’t see one, walk fifty feet and try again.

But we can do better than that. If water ice is everywhere and the best water ice is almost always whatever water ice is closest to you, then maybe we can look beyond that and find some things that are more interesting than water ice. Maybe even (gasp!) better than water ice. Because Philly is full of really interesting things made by people bringing recipes from other places that also get really hot for part of the year. So the next time frozen water isn’t quite the thing you want, maybe you could try…

Rolled Ice Cream at Sweet Charlie’s

There are three reasons why I’m putting this first. 1) Because it’s a local outfit doing good work keeping Philadelphians cool this summer. 2) Because they have a rolled ice cream dessert served on a glazed donut roll (called a Tall Charlie) which may be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen done with ice cream. And 3) Because the Walnut Street location has a special section called “Sweet Charlie’s After Dark” which features boozy rolled ice cream for the grown-ups.