If you’re looking for a new sweet summer treat to cool you down on the beach this holiday weekend, you’re in luck.

Two South Jersey brothers who started their own ice cream company   —Sweet Charlie’s — have brought their unique, Thai-inspired, rolled ice cream to the Jersey Shore.

Between lemonade, ice cream, fudge and other sweet treats, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision on what to eat down the Shore.

Now in Ocean City, there’s a brand new treat rolling on the boards.

“Whether it’s ice cream, frozen yogurt, we have all of those options and this kind of just brings it to a whole new level,” says Kyle Billig, CEO of Sweet Charlie’s.

Brothers Kyle and Jacob Billig created Sweet Charlie’s in 2015, after seeing a Facebook video of the unique treat.

The 20 and 21-year-old Cherry Hill natives decided to open their first store in Philadelphia, which they say was immediately successful.

And now, they’re coming to Ocean City.

“Growing up, we’ve walked these boardwalks, and trolled around with our friends, and we were saying last night, we never even came close to imagining that we’d have a store on these boardwalks that we walk, so it’s pretty crazy,” says Kyle.

“We haven’t even opened yet, and people are walking by, excited, waiting for us to open,” says Jacob Billig, COO of Sweet Charlie’s.

The doors to their Ocean City store will officially open Friday evening, and the brothers say they’re ready for every excited sweet tooth.

“We pour our base on there and then we chop it all up and mix the flavor in, and slowly and surely, it starts to freeze over time, then we thin it out really thin, and roll them up,” says Jacob.

Customers can pick a regular ice cream, yogurt, or vegan base before customizing their ice cream with their favorite flavors.

So whether you’re craving chocolate and peanut butter, something fruity, or feeling creative on your own, they can help you create your own concoction.

“You can basically make any flavor you want,” says Jacob.

The boys officially open shop tonight, so take a walk down the Boardwalk to 9th street, to try the rolled dessert of your very own.