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Watch Sweet Charlie’s Make Boozy Rolled Ice Cream

It’s now available at the Rittenhouse location Facebook When then-18-year-old Kyle Billig opened Thai-style rolled ice cream shop Sweet Charlie’s off Washington Square last year, he was one of the first to bring the concept to Philly. And while rolled ice cream is now easy to find, Sweet Charlie’s is staying ahead of the curve. The shop’s newest innovation? Booze-infused [...]

Let’s Eat: Ice cream with a kick

Ice cream gets a shot of Bailey’s at the Rittenhouse location of Sweet Charlie’s. Alcohol it a win for adults who love ice cream Sweet Charlie’s was one of Philly’s first shops serving made-to-order rolled ice cream, scraping the dessert on super-cooled metal pans. For his next feat, owner Kyle Billig is infusing shots of booze in the creations, but [...]