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Cold Treats In Philly That Are Better Than Water Ice

It’s summer and it is hot. The easiest thing for any of us ink-stained food monkeys to do in such a situation is to throw together yet another list of the “Best Wooder Ice In BlahBlahBlah.” But come on. You wanna know how to find the best water ice wherever you are in Philly? Do [...]

Icy, Sweet and Instagram-Ready

Icy, Sweet and Instagram-Ready Desserts Designed for Social Media The latest icy desserts to hit Instagram include Thai-style ice cream rolls, soft-serve in fish-shaped cones and Jenga-inspired centerpieces. By JULIA MOSKIN AUGUST 8, 2017 The slushy-sweet frappés at Okamoto Kitchen, a food truck in Los Angeles, begin with ice — not plain, but enriched with heavy cream, milk powder and [...]