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The Rolled Ice Cream Trend Is Coming To Kentucky And Here’s Where To Find It

Kentucky loves ice cream, so much so that we created our state’s very own ice cream trail that you can check out here. Whether it’s scooped on a cone, soft serve in a cup, piled with toppings, or just plain, we’re always in the mood for ice cream in the Bluegrass State. Perhaps you’ve seen an [...]

Best Ice Cream Shops near Philadelphia

Imagine it: You’ve just spent a long day sitting in the hot sun and are now donning some fresh tan lines. But, instead of cooling down in an air-conditioned room with the summer landscape beckoning you outside, why not snag a lickity split frozen treat that’ll bring down your temperature from the inside out? Well, [...]

Rolled Ice cream – the all new ice cream that you would love to eat

Everyone knows what ice cream is! It is one of the most traditional, hot and warm weather treats that will help you counteract the heat. It is a dessert made out of sugar, cream, milk and other flavorings mixed together and finally preserve them in a medium that is cold enough to freeze them. According [...]

CBS Sunday Morning Special: Rolled Ice Cream

Susan Spencer gets the scoop on a hot new dessert that Philadelphians are melting over: What's the latest scoop?  Ice cream, in ROLLS. "The ice cream gets rolled up right before your eyes," explained Jacob Billig. It is VERY cool. In fact, it's downright freezing. After all, it's anywhere between -15° and -20°.   [...]


By MARIELLE MONDONUpdated On 11/02/2017 at 06:23PM EST Bad news: You’re going to die. Good news: There’s plenty of delicious Philly food to eat before you do. Just do us a favor and don’t eat everything on our Philadelphia food bucket list at one time, lest said list ironically becomes the reason you kick said bucket. [...]

Watch Sweet Charlie’s Make Boozy Rolled Ice Cream

It’s now available at the Rittenhouse location Facebook When then-18-year-old Kyle Billig opened Thai-style rolled ice cream shop Sweet Charlie’s off Washington Square last year, he was one of the first to bring the concept to Philly. And while rolled ice cream is now easy to find, Sweet Charlie’s is staying ahead of the curve. The shop’s newest innovation? Booze-infused [...]

Let’s Eat: Ice cream with a kick

Ice cream gets a shot of Bailey’s at the Rittenhouse location of Sweet Charlie’s. Alcohol it a win for adults who love ice cream Sweet Charlie’s was one of Philly’s first shops serving made-to-order rolled ice cream, scraping the dessert on super-cooled metal pans. For his next feat, owner Kyle Billig is infusing shots of booze in the creations, but [...]

Cold Treats In Philly That Are Better Than Water Ice

It’s summer and it is hot. The easiest thing for any of us ink-stained food monkeys to do in such a situation is to throw together yet another list of the “Best Wooder Ice In BlahBlahBlah.” But come on. You wanna know how to find the best water ice wherever you are in Philly? Do [...]

Icy, Sweet and Instagram-Ready

Icy, Sweet and Instagram-Ready Desserts Designed for Social Media The latest icy desserts to hit Instagram include Thai-style ice cream rolls, soft-serve in fish-shaped cones and Jenga-inspired centerpieces. By JULIA MOSKIN AUGUST 8, 2017 The slushy-sweet frappés at Okamoto Kitchen, a food truck in Los Angeles, begin with ice — not plain, but enriched with heavy cream, milk powder and [...]

New ice cream trend sweeps the Ocean City boardwalk, with bold style creating big lines

REBECCA KING  Jul 25, 2017 Updated Jul 26, 2017 On a nightly basis, the line at Sweet Charlie’s, a rolled ice cream shop on the Ocean City boardwalk, stretches out the door, begging the question: why wait for ice cream on a boardwalk full of places that sell ice cream? Well, to start, rolled ice [...]